Истории хоррор – что делать, если кто-то боится ужастиков

I told my first scary story to my (high school) beginners, and I have one student who HATES scary stories! So do I ditch them all since she is sensitive? They can be so fun and engaging but I don’t want to alienate her.

It was the Green Necklace story that Cecileposted last year (I think?!). I think you are right that a conversation with her would be helpful. I can use them sparingly, but with Halloween coming and so many cool stories, it’s hard! Thanks Ruth!

Le ruban vert

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Jennifer Molitoris Sounds like she’s being extra.


Cecile Laine Hillary Spiller you can offer a choice on scary story Day, she can watch an Alice Ayel video or two.

Beniko Mason Nanki Hillary Spiller , THANK YOU FOR BRINGING UP THIS IMPORTANT QUETION!!!! This is Beniko Mason responding. Some studentes do not like horror stories to read, either. So, they do not choose horror stories to read. With SL, they have no choice, because the teacher selects a story. I do not like horror stories, either. I think it is better to avoid extreme stories. One of the things that SL wishes to do is to provide everyone satisfaction in each class. SL hopes to assist everyone not just the good dilligent motivated 5%. There are stories like Juniper Tree, Robber Bridegroom, and Old Sultan, but at the end justice is served. That is why I use stories that have stood the test of time, and not any stories. Folk tales and fairy tales I think is good. Even then, sometimes we may need to be careful whether it is appropriate. That is why it takes time to look for a right story. If one student really does not like it, I think it is a good idea that you take that into account when you choose a next story. Like Julianne Briscoe said, you could tone it down, if that is acceptable to the student. Ask her. Claire Walter suggested a story the other day in which a girl brings poop to her sick auntie, and the aunt comes back to eat the girl. I personally did not think that my students will like the story, then, someone suggested that I change it to dirt. But I think I will not tell that story to my students. THey are college kids and senior adults. BUT, small childeren might like it. Kathrin Shechtman says that her daughter loves horror stories like that. Remember though classroom is not an entertaiment hall. SL is a lesson in a classroom. Folk tales contains cruel stories, and sad stories, scary stories, but always, justive is served and bad people are punished. It is not a good idea to have the kids leave the classroom frustrted with the ending, or scared with the images from the story. Choose a story wisely. This is one of the reasons why I have not sued easop stories. SL is not meant to teach morals, either. OK?